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TEDxBilbao es una plataforma de expansión, desde donde los líderes invisibles, puedan opinar creando sinergias de cambio. El primer evento versará sobre educación y de los siguientes os iremos informando. Si queréis conocer más uniros a nosotros en linkedin, facebook o twitter, desde donde estamos promoviendo debates, retos y twitts enfocados. Os incluyo un interesante video del gran Isaac Asimov y nuestra web El 27 de Noviembre de 9 a 14 horas podréis seguirlo por streaming. Ideas worth spreading.

We would like to share with you all this fascinating video: an interview made on 1988 and where Isaac Asimov talks about learning, computers,internet. 

This interview was made by Bill Moyers in 1988 in his World of Ideas television programme.

Some of my favorite quotes from interview are..

"Today, what people call learning is forced on you. Everyone is forced to learn the same thing on the same day at the same speed in class. But everyone is different. For some, class goes too fast, for some too slow, for some in the wrong direction. But give everyone a chance, in addition to school, to follow up their own bent from the start, to find out about whatever they're interested in by looking it up in their own homes, at their own speed, in their own time, and everyone will enjoy learning."

"That's another trouble with education as we now have it. People think of education as something that they can finish. And what's more, when they finish, it's a rite of passage. You're finished with school. You're no more a child, and therefore anything that reminds you of school - reading books, having ideas, asking questions - that's kid's stuff. Now you're an adult, you don't do that sort of thing any more."

:: Full transcript of the interview at Harpers Magazine

:: Podéis leer la entrevista en castellano en este post:

Isaac Asimov. Su visión de la educación hacia el futuro « TEDxBilbao

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